Import the Scheduler email templates

This procedure describes how to import the templates for Scheduler email notifications.

The templates that are installed include:

  • assignation_ticket.xsl, the template for emails to notify users that a document has been assigned to them.
  • daily_reminder.xsl, the template for the "DITA CMS Daily Reminder" follow-up email.
  • change_status_ticket.xsl, the template for the "DITA CMS activity report" email directed to SMEs when review copies are generated.
  • report_reviewer.xsl, the template for the "Time-Based Review Report" email directed to the reviewer, when a specific number of days has passed during the review period.
  • report_manager.xsl, the template for the "Time-Based Review Report" email directed to the reviewer's manager, when the due date is very close and the review has not been completed.
You install the templates in the Content Store, in the following directory:

To install Scheduler email templates:

  1. Open the TEXTML Administration perspective.
  2. Connect to the server and Content Store you want to manage.
  3. Navigate to the Repository\system directory.
    If the Repository\system directory contains a scheduler directory, go to the next step. Otherwise:
    1. Right-click Repository\system and select Create Collection.
    2. In the Add Collection dialog, enter scheduler.
    3. Click OK.
    The Repository\system directory now contains a scheduler directory.
  4. Right-click the scheduler directory and select Insert Documents…
    The Insert Documents Dialog window appears.
  5. Click Add Folder and browse to the %SchedulerDir%\conf directory.
    For example, C:\ixiasoft\Scheduler\conf.
  6. Select the templates directory and click OK.
    The folder is added to your list of files to be imported.
  7. In the Set Options:
    • Select Add.
    • Select Replace.
    • Clear Indexable.
  8. Click OK.
    The templates folder is imported into the scheduler directory.
  9. Open the xsl files and customize them for your DITA CMS working environment.