Scheduler overview

The Scheduler is a DITA CMS server-side application that schedules and executes jobs such as sending notifications, creating activity reports, etc.

The Scheduler default configuration provides a number of pre-defined jobs, as follows:

  • Schedule user-defined reports—Schedules and runs user reports created with the DITA CMS. The reports are run according to the schedule specified in the DITA CMS report. See the DITA CMS User Guide for more information.
  • Generate DITA CMS activity reports—Whenever a document's state changes to Active, a system trigger generates a notification email with information including the document ID and the user responsible for the document.
  • Generate reminder notifications—Sends an email notification reminding every DITA CMS user who has Active documents.
  • Pre-generate review output—Pre-generates the review PDFs so that the reviewer does not have to wait when topics or maps go into review state.
  • Generate map review report—Provides a status reports to project coordinators on all the maps that are in the review state.
  • Generate topic review reports—Provides a status reports on all the topics that are in the review state.
  • Garbage man job—Cleans the outbox collection by deleting tickets older than 7 days.
  • Generate time-based review reports—Sends notifications reminding reviewers and their managers that their reviews are due.
  • Send Bulletin Board messages—Sends an email to the members of a project when a message is added to the project's bulletin board.

Once the Scheduler server files have been extracted, the pre-defined jobs can be configured for your environment.