What's new in each release

End of Support

The IXIASOFT Web Author and Web Collaborative Review modules are being merged into a unique DITA CMS Web component to take your content creation and reviewing processes to the next level. The DITA CMS Web component will include the authoring and reviewing features available today as well as new features, such as a map view, topic and map creation, as well as map editing.

As such, all support for Web Author and Web Collaborative Reviewer will stop by December 31st, 2017.

The following sections list the new features and enhancements have been added to each release. For more information, open the document listed in the Documents affected column and navigate to the topic called "New in this documentation release".

Build 4.3.61

Features Documents affected
None. None.

Build 4.3.57

Features Documents affected
A new script is now available to simplify making the Output Generator files executable on Linux for deployments that use source control. Output Generator Installation Guide
The Preview view has been updated to support topics containing DITA 1.3 elements. None.

Build 4.3.47

Features Documents affected
Two new attributes, default and authoring, have been added to the languages.xml configuration file to allow system administrators to set a default authoring language and to define which languages are used in the Authoring cycle and which are used in the Localization cycle.
A new attribute, deprecated, has been added to the conditionaltext.xml configuration file to allow system administrators to deprecate a conditional attribute value.
Automatically add oXygen XML Editor's document types extensions (framework extensions) into the oXygen Editor's Preferences when the DITA CMS Eclipse Clients are launched.
The import process has been improved so non-DITA files referenced by an imported object are imported as resources identified as type "unknown", which allows them to be searchable from the Search view.
The import process has changed. When you import an image to replace an image in a multiple resolution image object, all the formats are replaced by the imported image.
The Assignments dialog box has been improved so that an HTTP or HTTPS-based URL can be added to an assigned document as an external link.
The Assignments dialog box has been improved to allow filtering of the names displayed in the Assignee pane by project even if the document being assigned is not one of the project's deliverables.
A new feature called Clone Ditaval has been added to the Ditaval view. This feature allows you to create a clone of an existing Ditaval file to use as a basis for a new Ditaval.
The Create Ditaval and Edit Ditaval dialog boxes have been enhanced to support subject schemes.

The Dynamic Release Management Module User Guide now includes documentation about the DRM refactor feature.

Dynamic Release Management Module User Guide

To better support the DRM multi-level library feature, it is no longer possible to create or import topics, images, and resources into more than one product or library.

Dynamic Release Management Module User Guide

Build 4.3.33

Features Documents affected
None None