Updating the DITA CMS plug-ins using an update site

This procedure describes how to update the DITA CMS plug-ins using an update site.

To update the plug-ins on the update site:
Note: This procedure assumes that you have two sets of update sites: test update sites and production update sites.
  1. Get the latest plug-ins from the IXIASOFT download site at the following URL:
  2. Click the release version; for example, 4.3.
  3. Delete the content of the update site folders.
    For example, delete the content of the following folders (keeping the same directory structure):
    • C:\wwwroot\update-site\dita-cms
    • C:\wwwroot\update-site\dita-doc
    • C:\wwwroot\update-site\dita-cms-admin
    • C:\wwwroot\update-site\textml-admin
  4. Unzip the content of each update site zip file to the appropriate folder on the test update sites.
    For example:
    Update site zip file Directory
    dita-cms-<version>.zip C:\wwwroot\update-site\dita-cms
    dita-doc-<version>.zip C:\wwwroot\update-site\dita-doc
    dita-cms-admin-<version>.zip C:\wwwroot\update-site\dita-cms-admin
    textml-admin-<version>.zip C:\wwwroot\update-site\textml-admin
    For example:
    Test update site zip
  5. Test the plug-ins.
  6. When satisfied that the plugins work as expected, repeat the procedure to install the plug-ins on the production update site.