Updating the DITA CMS plug-ins when using dropins

This procedure describes how to update the DITA CMS plug-ins when using dropins.

To update the DITA CMS using dropins, you download the plug-ins from the IXIASOFT download site and extract them to the Eclipse dropins folder. If you have many versions of the same plug-in in the dropins directory, Eclipse loads the latest version.

It is up to you to determine how these plug-ins will be made available to the users. Some options include:
  • Automatically pushing the plug-ins to the user workstations or servers. The plug-ins will be loaded the next time users restart their DITA CMS. If you need to make an important update, you could ask users to restart their DITA CMS Eclipse Client right away. Note that you can push the updates to the workstations even if the DITA CMS Eclipse Client is running.
  • Putting the plug-ins in a central location and having users manually update them. For example, you could create an update-cms.bat script that copies the plug-ins from the central location to the workstations/servers and ask users to run the script as necessary. For example:
    Note: The source of this file is available on the IXIASOFT download site at the following URL:


    Remove the .txt extension to make the file executable.

    @echo off
    REM The source of the dropins must be available on the network and be accessible by users
    REM For example: \\acme-server\dita-cms-updates
    REM Under this shared source, create a copy of each instance of your installation packages
    REM For example:
    REM  \\acme-server\dita-cms-updates\cms44_x64
    REM  \\acme-server\dita-cms-updates\cms44_x64\eclipse.exe
    REM  \\acme-server\dita-cms-updates\cms44_x64\dropins
    REM  \\acme-server\dita-cms-updates\cms44_x64\plugins
    REM  \\acme-server\dita-cms-updates\cms44_x64\jre
    REM  \\acme-server\dita-cms-updates\cms44_admin_x64\
    REM Update this installation package as necessary and then tell users to run this batch file
    REM Save this batch file in the root of each package directory, on the user machines and on the central location
    REM For example: 
    REM C:\eclipses\cms44_x64\update-cms.bat
    REM \\acme-server\dita-cms-updates\cms44_x64\update-cms.bat
    REM NOTE: if you use the following command to update the DITA CMS, Eclipse must NOT be running
    REM because this command will try to override files that are in use and cannot be replaced
    REM Update the following line for each package directory
    robocopy /mir \\acme-server\dita-cms-updates\cms44_x64 c:\eclipses\cms44_x64
    REM To update the CMS while Eclipse is running, or if you simply added dropins or updated the eclipse.ini or start-cms.bat file
    REM you can use the following command instead. 
    REM Update the following line for each package directory
    REM robocopy /S /E \\acme-server\dita-cms-updates\cms44 c:\eclipses\cms44_x64
    This utility replaces an existing installation with the updated installation packages. Save this file in the root of each installation package as well as on the central location. For example: