Update the DITA CMS version in the configuration

After you have updated the Content Store to a new build, you should change the build number in the textmlservercfg.properties file to reflect the current version number. This will also force users to update their DITA CMS Eclipse Client to the installed build version.

To edit the textmlservercfg.properties file:

  1. Expand the Content Store's Repository node and browse to /system/conf/ to locate the textmlservercfg.properties file.
  2. Right-click textmlservercfg.properties and click Check Out.
  3. Double-click the file to open it in the XML editor area.
  4. Set the value of ixia.cms.version to the build of the DITA CMS that you are installing.
    For example:
  5. Save, close, and check in the file.
  6. Inform users of the changes and request that they close and reopen their DITA CMS to apply the changes.