Additional recommended updates

This section provides configuration updates that are recommended but not required.

Delete the bmanifest type from the equivalence.xml file

The equivalence.xml file contains two types for build manifests:
  • build-manifest
  • bmanifest
This is shown below:
	<equivalence type="build-manifest" standardSearch="true" groupName="Others">
		<object type="build-manifest" icon="/system/conf/icons/manifest.gif"/>
		<object type="bmanifest" icon="/system/conf/icons/manifest.gif"/>
The bmanifest type is not used and can be removed:
  1. Browse to the /system/conf folder.
  2. Right-click equivalence.xml and select Check out.
  3. Delete the line for the bmanifest object type.
    Note: This type may not be there. In this case, ignore this procedure.
  4. Save and check in the file.

Delete the bookmap-stub-generate.ditamap template

The bookmap-stub-generate.ditamap template was created to test the DITA CMS 4.1 feature for generating stubs from a map template. You can safely remove this template:
  1. Browse to the /system/templates/maps folder.
  2. Right-click bookmap-stub-generate.ditamap and select Delete.
  3. Click Yes to confirm.