Upgrade the WCR application

This procedure describes how to upgrade the Web Collaborative Reviewer (WCR) application.

Note: Carry out this procedure at a time of low network activity, since the update will cause users to lose their connection to the WCR application.
To update the WCR application:
  1. Open a connection to the Tomcat server where the existing WCR application is installed.
  2. Delete the old wcr folder from %TomcatDir%/webapps/.
  3. Copy the wcr.war file into the %TomcatDir%/webapps/ directory.
    Tomcat automatically expands the WAR file and installs the application in the wcr directory.
  4. Wait a few seconds while the WCR is installed.
    Note: You do not need to restart WCR or Tomcat after an update, because the existing WCR configuration file in %TomcatDir%/conf is not overwritten during the update.