Troubleshooting: The TEXTML Server crashed and the CMS Application Server cannot be restarted

Problem description

In some cases, if the TEXTML Server crashes while the Web Author is in use, the CMS Application Server component cannot be restarted properly.

This can happen if the CMS Application Server did not shut down properly and is still running. To determine if this is the case:
  1. Stop the CMS Application Server:
    On Windows: Click the Start button and select All Programs > Oracle GlassFish Server > Stop Application Server.
    On Linux: Enter the following command:
    /sbin/service glassfish.cmsappserver stop
  2. Try to rename the %glassfish%\domains\cmsappserver\logs\CMSAppServer.log file.

    If you cannot rename the file, then the process is still running and must be killed manually.


The solution is to kill the process. Unfortunately, determining which process to kill is not straightforward.

On Windows:

You can use a tool such as Process Explorer from the Windows Sysinternals Suite (available at This tool will help you determine which process to kill. To kill the process using the Process Explorer tool on Windows:
  1. Download and install Windows Sysinternals Suite (available at
  2. Double-click the procexp.exe program in the Sysinternals Suite.
  3. From the Process Explorer menu, select Find > Find Handle or DLL.
  4. In the Process Explorer search window, enter the name of the log file (i.e., CMSAppServer.log) and click Search.

    The java.exe process to kill is displayed in the window.

  5. In the Process Explorer window, right-click the process and select Kill Process.
On Linux:
  1. Enter the following command:
    ps -ef | grep glassfish
    This will return the process that is running the GlassFish service.
  2. Enter the following command to kill the process:
    kill <process_number>

    Where <process_number> is the GlassFish process.

You can then restart the Web Author components as described in Restarting the Web Author components.