Overview of the Web Author

With the DITA CMS Web Author, you can easily update, edit, create, and review DITA documents without having to be a DITA expert.

The DITA CMS Web Author displays the documents that are assigned to you and that are active; that is, they are in a status that requires your input. For example, if you are a reviewer, the documents assigned to you will be displayed in the Web Author if they are in the Authoring:review status (or equivalent, according to your deployment).

Whether you need to provide content or review a document, when you open the tool you can quickly see your assignments.

The following diagram shows the different areas of the Web Author:

Overview of Web Author
  Area Description
1 Roles The Roles area lets you select the role for which you want to display your assignments.
2 Number of assignments Displays the number of documents assigned to you in the role selected.
3 Create topic The Create Topic pane lets you create new topics from a set of templates. (May not be enabled on all deployments).
4 Assignments The Assignments pane lists the active documents assigned to you in the role selected. To work on a document, simply click on it and it will be displayed in the Editing and Reviewing pane.
5 User assistance The Web Author provides user assistance as you are working with the tool. Hover your cursor over an area of the Web Author window to display a tooltip. To get more detailed information, click the More link in the tooltip.
6 Send button Sends the document on to the next step in the process.
7 Breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs provide the links navigated to get to the currently open document.
8 Editing commands  
Submit button Saves your latest changes to the DITA CMS and frees the document so that other users can edit it.
Cancel button Releases the lock on the document so that other users can work on it. All your changes will be lost.
Edit Document button Locks the document so that you can work on it.
9 XML Editing and Reviewing When you click on a document in the Assignments pane, it is displayed in the Editing and Reviewing pane. You can then read, modify, or annotate it, according to your role.
10 Log out Click Log out to log out of the Web Author. Your changes will be saved before the Web Author closes.
According to your role, you can use the Web Author to:
  • Add text to an existing document
  • Edit the text of an existing document
  • Add review comments to an existing document
  • Create a new topic (if this feature is enabled in your deployment)