XML Editing and Reviewing area

When you click on a document in the Assignments pane, it is displayed in the Editing and Reviewing pane. You can then read, modify, or annotate it, according to your role.

To modify or annotate a document displayed in the Editing and Reviewing pane, click Edit Document. The oXygen toolbar appears above the document. The buttons displayed depend on your role and the configuration for your deployment. For example:

  • In a reviewer role, you can annotate the existing text but you cannot modify it. The buttons on the toolbar allow you to add, edit, and remove comments.
  • In a writer role, you can add new text to a document and modify existing text, so the oXygen toolbar provides a more complete set of buttons.

When you are done, click Submit to save and submit your changes.

The following topics describe how to modify and review a DITA document. If you are new to DITA and have never worked with the DITA CMS, please see Getting Started with DITA and the Web Author.