Configure the WCR

This procedure describes how to configure the Web Collaborative Reveiewer (WCR).

To configure the WCR:
  1. Create a working folder for the Tomcat service. For example, C:\tmp\wcr.
    Note: Ensure that the Tomcat service has read and write permissions for the working folder you created.
  2. Browse to the %TomcatDir%\conf folder where you installed Tomcat. For example:
    • In Windows:
      C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\conf
    • In Linux:
  3. Open the wcr.xml file with a text editor.
  4. For the publication name attribute, type a title which will appear at the top of the WCR login dialog box, and at the top of the browser once the connection is established.
    <publication name='My WCR window'>
  5. Edit the <textml-connection> attributes as follows:
    Attribute Value
    address Type the IP address or name of the server hosting TEXTML Server.
    port Type the port number used by the TEXTML Server (default is 2500). If you are using SSL security, specify the secure SSL port.

    If you are using SSL, set this parameter to 'true'.

    Note: To enable SSL, you may also need to install a CA certificate on the WCR. See Installing and Configuring TEXTML Server for DITA CMS for more information.
    docbase Type the name of the DITA CMS Content Store.
    synchdir Type the path to the WCR working directory you created earlier. For example, 'C:\tmp\wcr'.

    For example:

    <textml-connection address='ixtextml' port='2500' secure='false' docbase='d4dox' synchDir='C:\tmp\wcr'/>
  6. Edit the output-generator attributes as follows:
    Attribute Value
    address Type the IP address or name of the server hosting the Output Generator.
    port Type the port number used by the Output Generator.
    secure Set the value to 'false'. The secure attribute is currently not used for the Output Generator.
    <output-generator address='' port='1500' secure='false'/>
    Note: The IP address and port must match the string specified in the file during Output Generator configuration. (See the Output Generator Installation Guide for more information.)
    Tip: The port numbers for all Tomcat services are listed in server.xml located in %TomcatDir%/conf/.
  7. Save and close the wcr.xml file.
  8. To apply the configuration, do one of the following:
    • Restart Tomcat. (See note below.)
    • If you have Web Host Manager installed, use it to restart only the WCR application. (This option will not disrupt the activity of those using other Tomcat webapps.)
    Restarting Tomcat will cut users' connections to all web applications running on the Tomcat server. If you choose this option, it is recommended that you warn your users that you are going to do a restart, or wait and restart the server at a time when there is no network activity.
Next steps:

To complete the configuration, see Create an active reviewer definition.