Reporting issues to IXIASOFT

If you encounter issues with the DITA CMS, you can create an error package that you send to IXIASOFT for troubleshooting.

This error package contains logs and data that will help IXIASOFT troubleshoot the issue that you encountered. For example, the error package includes:
  • A screenshot of the DITA CMS
  • The DITA CMS system configuration, including the index definition document
  • The UItrace.log file, if available
  • The DITA_CMS-<date>.timers file, if available
  • The eclipse.ini file
  • The DITA_CMS.log debug log, if the application is running in debug mode
  • The Eclipse log file
This information is saved in the following file:


For example:


You can then attach this error package to your OTRS ticket.

To create the error package:

  1. From the DITA CMS toolbar, select Help > Report DITA CMS Issue.
    The Report DITA CMS Issue window is displayed:
    CMS Error Report
  2. Enter a description of the issue you encountered.
    Add as much information as possible, including:
    • What you were trying to do
    • The view or perspective you were working with
    • The expected behavior
    • The error that occurred
  3. Click Create.
    The error package is prepared and the Save as window appears.
  4. Browse to the location where you want to save the file and click Save.
  5. Open an OTRS ticket and attach the error package to the ticket.