New in this documentation release

The following features are new in this release of the document.

Build 4.3.47 updates

Build 4.3.7 updates

Build 4.3 updates

  • Added documentation for the new multi-level libraries feature. See Using multi-level libraries.
  • It is no longer possible to move an object to another version.
  • You can now change the primary version of an object. See Change the primary version of an object.

  • In the Synchronization feature, the Commit menu option was renamed to Release for clarity. Also, the Committed folder in the DRM Synchronization perspective was renamed to Released. The documentation was updated accordingly.
  • The dialog to branch objects was improved. See Branch topics, images, or resources.
  • You can now select multiple objects when using the Dynamic Release Management > Add To and Dynamic Release Management > Create New Instance commands.
  • Added information about the fields that can be configured in the product, release, and version files:

Oct. 22 updates

Build 4.2 updates

  • Added documentation for the following features:
    • Synchronization: The synchronization feature compares the contents of two product or library versions and returns the objects that have changed. Users can open the object in a compare editor to see the differences between the two versions. They can also merge the changes. See Synchronization.
    • Map Snapshot: Users can create a snapshot of a map and generate the output of this snapshot. See Snapshots.
    • Version Tag: A version tag is a DITA CMS object that captures the contents of a version at a particular point in time. It contains the list of all the objects that were in a version. You can use this tag to create a new version. See Version tags.

Build 4.1.6 updates

  • It is no longer possible to open a product, library, or version in the default editor from the Create Product/Library dialog, because this option was causing workflow issues. The following procedures were updated accordingly:

DITA CMS 4.1 updates