Editing the TextmlServerCfg.xml configuration file

To set the parameters as described in this section:

  1. Open the TextmlServerCfg.xml file, which is located in the following directory:
    Windows: %ProgramData%\Ixiasoft\TextmlServer43
    Linux: /opt/ixiasoft/textmlserver/instance-name/
    Note: Each installation includes a copy of the original TextmlServerCfg.xml file, should you need to revert to it. You can find it here:
    Windows:  %ProgramFiles%\IxiaSoft\TextmlServer43\textmlservercfg.xml.orig
    Linux:  /opt/ixiasoft/bin/3037_0/textmlserver/textmlservercfg.xml.orig
    Note: The number 3037_0 in the example above represents the build version number variable.
  2. Set the parameters as required.
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Restart the TEXTML Server service.