Add the custom file to your deployment

To add the custom file to your deployment:
  1. Open the TEXTML Administration view.
  2. Connect to your server and Content Store.
  3. Navigate to /system/cms.webauthor.
  4. If the frameworks does not exist in the /system/cms.webauthor collection:
    1. Right-click cms.webauthor and select Create Collection.
    2. In the Add Collection dialog, enter frameworks.
      You can use another name for the collection, but IXIASOFT recommends that you use frameworks.
  5. Right-click the frameworks collection and select Insert Documents.
    The Insert Documents Dialog window appears.
  6. Click Add File and browse to the location of your custom file.
    1. Select the file.
    2. Click Open.
    The file path and name appear under Import As.
  7. In the Set options area, click Add and Replace.
  8. Click OK.
    The next step is to provide the location of the custom file. This information is provided in the /system/cms.webauthor/configuration/ file, as follows:
     <entry key="cms.webauthor.frameworks.path">/system/cms.webauthor/frameworks/</entry>
    By default, if you imported the file in this directory, you do not need to update the location of the file. However, if you decided to store the file in another location, follow this procedure:
    1. Right-click /system/cms.webauthor/configuration/ and select Check out.
    2. Open the file.
    3. Locate the following line:
      <entry key="cms.webauthor.frameworks.path"></entry>
    4. Set the cms.webauthor.frameworks.path key to the location in the Content Store where you stored the file.
    5. Save and check in the file.
  9. Restart the Web Author.