Integrating specializations

The DITA CMS is flexible enough to integrate any topic, map, domain, or attribute specialization that conforms to standard DITA specialization practices.

When integrating a topic or map specialization, be aware of the element that the specialization uses for the topic or map title. Some specializations go off on a bit of a title tangent, using elements or attributes that are not specializations or extensions of the base <title> element or title attribute.

If this is the case, you might find that you cannot create maps or topics in the DITA CMS; doing so produces a DTD error. (You can import these specialized maps or topics, however.)

To avoid this issue, use the map and topic template title parameter. In the templates you create for these map and topic types, place the {{ixia.title}} parameter in whatever element or attribute the specialization uses for the title.

For a complete explanation of how this parameter works, refer to the full IXIASOFT DITA CMS documentation on the IXIASOFT Support site.