Configure the Output Generator host server properties

The components in the DITA CMS deployment connect to the Output Generator using CORBA. This procedure describes how to configure host server properties for the Output Generator so that other components can connect to it.

The Output Generator's CORBA properties file defines the name of the server that hosts the Output Generator as well as the Output Generator connection port. This is the server name and port that users will connect to.

To configure the Output Generator's host server properties:

  1. Open the %OutputGenDir%/conf/ file.
    Note: If this is the first time that you are installing the Output Generator, open the file and save it as (remove the empty suffix).
    The file looks as follows:
  2. Replace the default value, localhost, with the name and domain of the Output Generator server.
    This name will be used by the other DITA CMS components (such as the DITA CMS Eclipse Client) to connect to the Output Generator server and must be resolvable by all computers accessing the Output Generator.

    For example:
  3. Configure the Output Generator port.

    For example:

    Note: The default port number is 1500, but you can set it to any value as long as it corresponds to a port number that is not used.
  4. Save and close