Enable Kerberos security

If your deployment uses Kerberos authentication, you must specify the Kerberos information in the Output Generator configuration.

To configure the Output Generator for Kerberos authentication:
Note: This procedure is required only if Kerberos authentication is enabled in the TEXTML Server.
  1. Open the %OutputGenDir%/conf/krb5.ini file.
    Note: If this is the first time that you are installing the Output Generator, open the krb5.ini.orig file and save it as krb5.ini (remove the .orig suffix).
  2. Edit the file as follows:
    This file specifies the Kerberos configuration used for authentication. Configure it as follows:
    • realm: Kerberos realm name. This is the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of your Active Directory Windows domain. The domain name is case-sensitive so take note of what is in uppercase or lowercase in the example of the krb5.ini Kerberos configuration file. Replace the lowercase acme.local with your domain name in lowercase and the uppercase ACME.LOCAL with your domain name in uppercase.
    • kdc: Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC) host name and port (Windows domain controller).
    For example:
       .acme.local = ACME.LOCAL
       acme.local = ACME.LOCAL
       acme = ACME.LOCAL
       default_realm = ACME.LOCAL
       dns_lookup_kdc = true
       dns_lookup_realm = true
       ACME.LOCAL = {
       kdc = dc1.acme.local
       kdc = dc2.acme.local
       admin_server = dc1.acme.local
       default_domain = ACME.LOCAL       
  3. Save and close krb5.ini.