Start the Output Generator service on Windows

This procedure describes how to start the Output Generator service in Windows.

  1. Start TEXTML Server.
  2. On the Output Generator server, click Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools.
  3. Double-click Services.
    The Services dialog opens.
  4. By default, the service is run as the Local System account. To run the service as another user, double-click the Output Generator service in the services list.
    Note: The service name is the one you specified in the Output Generator's configuration file, for example, Ixiasoft OutGen.
    The Properties dialog open.
  5. Click the Log On tab and enter the information for the user account.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Select the Output Generator service in the services list.
  8. Click Start the service.
    Figure 1. Starting the Output Generator

    The Status column for the Output Generator displays the new status: Started.

    The Output Generator is now able to receive requests.

  9. To confirm that the Output Generator started correctly, open the %OutputGenDir%/logs/wrapper.log file.
    For example:
    You should see the following message:
    Output Generator is ready to process requests

If this message is not displayed, the log should provide more information as to why the Output Generator cannot be started.