Download and extract the Scheduler server files

This procedure describes how to extract the Scheduler files to a Linux or Windows server.

You will need one instance of Scheduler per DITA CMS Content Store.

To install Scheduler on a server:

  1. On the server, create a directory where the Scheduler will be installed; for example:
    Windows: C:\Ixiasoft\Scheduler\
    Linux: /opt/ixiasoft/Scheduler/
    You must have the following permissions on the directory:
    • Windows: Read and write permissions
    • Linux: Read, write, and execute permissions (750)
    Note: The %SchedulerDir% expression will be used to represent the Scheduler directory.
  2. Go to the IXIASOFT Scheduler download page:
  3. Click the link to the latest version of the Scheduler and continue clicking the links until you reach the following files:
    • scheduler-<version>
    • scheduler-<version>
    Where <version> is the version of the Scheduler.
  4. Download these files to the %SchedulerDir% directory.
  5. Extract the files to the %SchedulerDir% directory.
  6. When the files are extracted, delete the .zip files from the directory.
    The following Scheduler directories are installed on your server:
    • bin: Contains the Scheduler bat files
    • conf: Contains the XML configuration files and templates
    • libs: Contains the Scheduler program libraries
    • logs: Initially empty; it will contain the Scheduler logs
    • temp: Initially empty; it will be used during processing