This document describes the parameters to consider when sizing the DITA CMS server components.

DITA CMS server components

There are three main server components in a DITA CMS deployment:

  • TEXTML Server: Responsible for storing, locking, and searching documents for all users. Its role is similar to an SQL server in a database-type deployment.
  • Output Generator: Used for generating all outputs by communicating with the TEXTML Server to retrieve the required topics before doing the transformations.
  • Web Services Server: Hosts the Web Collaborative Reviewer (WCR) and the Web Author, which are both Tomcat applications, as well as the related CMS Application Server, which is a GlassFish component.

Scope of this document

All installations are unique—they have different Content Store sizes, numbers of users, role distributions among these users, etc.—so it is difficult to provide a specific machine setup. The objective of this document is to provide guidelines that help you determine how to size the DITA CMS server components in order to host an efficient system.

It is understood that, once a system is set up, it is a good idea to follow up with IXIASOFT to make any required adjustments.