Install and start the Output Generator service (Linux)

This procedure describes how to install and start the Output Generator service on a Linux server.

  1. To customize the Output Generator application name and description:
    1. Open the Output Generator executable file (located in the bin directory in a text editor; for example, /opt/ixiasoft/OutputGenerators/prod_[version]/bin/; where [version] is replaced by the current release version number).
      If this is the first time that you are installing the Output Generator, open the file and save it as (remove the .empty suffix).
    2. Set the APP_NAME field to your application name:

      For example:

      Note: Embedded space characters are not allowed.
    3. Set the APP_LONG_NAME field to the detailed name of the application:

      For example:

      APP_LONG_NAME="Ixiasoft Output Generator" 
  2. By default, the service is run as the default user. To run the service as another user, uncomment and set the RUN_AS_USER field to the user name.
    For example:
    Note: Make sure that the user has the required privileges to write the PID file and wrapper.log files.
  3. Save and close
  4. To make all required files executable, run the file located in the bin directory of the Output Generator. For example:
    sh /opt/ixiasoft/OutputGenerators/prod_[version]/bin/

    Where [version] is replaced by the current release version number.

  5. Create a symbolic link to the executable file:

    For example:

    ln -s /opt/ixiasoft/OutputGenerators/prod_[version]/bin/ /etc/init.d/[version for path]

    Where [version] is replaced by the current release version number and [version for path] is the version number without punctuation.

  6. Install the Output Generator as a service:
    /sbin/chkconfig --add[version for path]
  7. Start the Output Generator service:
    [root@appserver-ux bin]# /sbin/service[version for path] start
    Starting Ixiasoft Output Generator...
    [root@appserver-ux bin]# 
  8. To confirm that the Output Generator started correctly, open the %OutputGenDir%/logs/wrapper.log file.
    For example:
    You should see the following message:
    Output Generator is ready to process requests

    If this message is not displayed, the log should provide more information as to why the Output Generator cannot be started.