Before you start

This document describes how to upgrade your DITA CMS 4.4 deployment to the latest DITA CMS Core 4.5 release.

Before you start the upgrade, you must be running the latest build of the DITA CMS Core version 4.4 and that you have applied all the version 4.4 configuration changes. If you have not completed all the configuration changes for version 4.4, please follow all the instructions in Preparing your deployment for the upgrade.

If you are upgrading a DRM deployment, follow the instructions in the Dynamic Release Management (DRM) version of the guide.

Preparation before the upgrade

Beginning with the DITA CMS Core 4.5 release, the legacy Web Collaborative Reviewer and Web Author products are not longer supported products in the deployment. As a result, some additional steps must be performed before the Core components are upgraded. Please see Summary of upgrade path for more information.

Upgrading the Core components

To upgrade the DITA CMS, you need to upgrade all the components.

Table 1. DITA CMS Core components
1. Content Store Upgrade your Content Store to current release
2. DITA CMS Eclipse Client Upgrade the DITA CMS Eclipse Client
3. Output Generator Install a new Output Generator and upgrade your configuration
4. Scheduler Upgrade the Scheduler

Upgrading to DITA 1.3

If you want to upgrade to DITA 1.3, please see Upgrading a Deployment to DITA 1.3 Guide