Create your framework extension for DITA CMS Web

For the Oxygen XML Web Author Component to work correctly, you must create a framework extension containing your DTDs and upload it into DITA CMS Web.

To create the framework extension:

  1. Go to the IXIASOFT download page:
  2. Click the latest version.
  3. Enter the user name and password given to you by the IXIASOFT Sales team.
  4. Download the FrameworkExtensionTemplate-[version].zip.
  5. Extract the zip file to the local drive.
  6. In the location where you extracted the Framework Extension Template, locate the dita-acme folder.
  7. Rename the dita-acme folder to dita-[company] where [company] is the name of your company.
    For example, dita-company.
  8. Export a copy of your company's DTD plugin from the Content Store:
    1. Open the TEXTML Administration perspective by clicking the TEXTML Administration shortcut on the tool bar. If the shortcut is not displayed, follow these steps:
      1. In the TEXTML Administration view, double-click the server. If your server is not displayed in the view, you must add it to the view.
      2. When the Connect as dialog opens, type your username and password and click OK.
      3. Double-click the name of your docbase to open a connection to the Content Store.
    2. Expand the Content Store's Repository node and browse to /system/plugins to locate your company's DTD plugin; for example:
    3. Right-click the plugin and click Export.
      The plugin is saved as a folder locally as Content/system/plugins/ where company is the name of your company.
  9. Copy the folder.
  10. In the dita-company folder, paste the folder into the plugins folder.
  11. In dita-company/plugins folder, open the catalog.xml file in a text editor.
  12. Edit the catalog.xml file to point to your DTD plugin:
    1. Locate the following line:
      <nextCatalog catalog="com.acme.dita.dtd/catalog.xml"/>
    2. Replace com.acme.dita.dtd with the name of your plugin folder; for example:
      The line should look like the following example:
      <nextCatalog catalog=""/>
    3. Save the file.
  13. In dita-company folder, rename the dita-acme.framework file to dita-[company].framework where [company] is the name of your company.
  14. Define the display name for the framework extension:
    1. Open the dita-company.framework file in a text editor.
    2. Locate the following lines:
      <field name="value">
    3. In the String value, rename DITA-acme to DITA-[company] where [company] is the name of your company; for example: <String>DITA-company</String>
      The line should look like the following example:
      <field name="value">
  15. Right-click the dita-company folder and zip the folder.
  16. Upload the into DITA CMS Web.