New in this documentation release

DITA CMS Web 4.6

  • A new property has been added to the properties.txt.
  • For the Oxygen XML Web Author Component to work correctly, you must create a framework extension containing your DTDs and upload it into DITA CMS Web. See Create your framework extension for DITA CMS Web.

Build 4.5.202

  • A change has been made in the properties.txt.

DITA CMS Web 4.5 (4.5.172)

  • The webroles.xml configuration file available in the webplatform folder leverages the roles and statuses defined in the DITA CMS Core component to determine how users interact with DITA CMS Web. See Configuring the DITA CMS Web component.

DITA CMS Web 4.3 (4.3.31)

  • First release of this document.