Verify the Tomcat installation using the Tomcat Administration Console

To open the Tomcat Administration console:

  1. Type the following URL in the browser: http://[DITA CMS Web host name]:[TOMCAT_HTTP_PORT]

    Where [DITA CMS Web host name] is replaced by the name of the machine where you installed the Tomcat server and TOMCAT_HTTP_PORT is replaced by the value you specified in the properties.txt file for that parameter.

    For example: http://localhost:8080

  2. Enter the service user name and password you configured for the Tomcat Server.
    Tip: The service user name and password are configured as the TOMCAT_USER and TOMCAT_PASSWORD in the properties.txt file, which is in the location where you extracted the package.
  3. Click the Manager App button.
  4. Locate the DITA CMS Web application and verify if it is running.
    In the Applications table, look in the Path column for ditacms. In the same row under the Running column, you should see "true" if the Tomcat server was installed successfully.