Create a summary definition

This procedure describes how to create a summary definition.

The elements that are targeted for retrieval in a summary definition are known as fields. Once a programmer or docbase administrator defines a summary, TEXTML Server keeps each summary in a separate store that is always up to date.

To create a summary definition:

  1. Open the Index Definition document for the docbase using a text editor or the TEXTML Server Administration Console.
  2. Under the <indexdefinition> element, after the various index definitions, add a <summaries> element.
    Note: The summaries must be placed under the existing index definitions.
  3. Add a <summary> element, and give it a unique name:
        <summary NAME="DocData">
  4. Create a <fieldlist> element.
  5. Create a <field> element for each index definition or property you want to include, and enter its name.
  6. For each field's TYPE attribute, enter one of the following:
    • Index: Any indexed element that has been defined in the Index Definition document.
    • Property: any system or custom document property.
        <summary NAME="NewsStorySummary">
                <field NAME="Title" TYPE="Index" VALUE="All"/>
                <field NAME="Status" TYPE="Property" VALUE="All"/>
                <field NAME="ModDateTime" TYPE="Property" VALUE="All"/>
                <field NAME="Name" TYPE="Property" VALUE="All"/>
    Note: Although the INDEXDEFINITION.DTD document includes "Hits" as one of the TYPE values, you cannot use "Hits" in your Index Definition document. This is because the GetDocumentsData method returns the number of hits automatically without reference to the Index Definition document.
  7. For each field's VALUE attribute, enter one of the following:
    • All, to have TEXTML Server retrieve all values in a field.
    • First, to have TEXTML Server retrieve only the first value. (For example, if your field list included an <author> index, which could potentially retrieve more than one value per document, you could use "First" to ensure that only the first listed author is displayed in the search results.)
        <summary NAME="NewsStorySummary">
                <field NAME="Author" TYPE="Index" VALUE="First"/>
  8. Save the Index Definition document.
    Note: The part of the INDEXDEFINITION.DTD that defines summaries is shown below.
    <!-- ################################## -->
    <!-- Definition of units -->
    <!ELEMENT units ( unit* ) >
    <!ELEMENT unit ( admindescription?, ( unitsentence | unitelements ) ) >
    <!ELEMENT unitsentence EMPTY >
    <!ELEMENT unitelements ( unitelement+ ) >
    <!ELEMENT unitelement EMPTY >
    <!ELEMENT summaries ( summary+ ) >
    <!ELEMENT summary ( fieldlist )>
    <!ELEMENT fieldlist ( field )+>
    <!ELEMENT field EMPTY>
    <!ATTLIST field
      TYPE (Index | Hits | Property) "Index"
      VALUE (First | All) "All">