Lock or unlock a docbase

This procedure describes how to lock or unlock a docbase.

Locking a docbase renders it inaccessible for most operations. A docbase administrator might lock a docbase in order to temporarily prevent network users from changing document content or executing commands on the docbase, while still permitting searches. A locked docbase is still accessible to external utilities. (In order to make a docbase inaccessible to external utilities, you must uninstall it.)

Unlocking a docbase or collection returns it to a state where operations can be performed on it.

To lock and/or unlock a docbase:

  1. Open the Administration Console and connect to the server and the docbase.
  2. Right-click the docbase and select Lock.
    The icon changes to show that it has been locked:
    Figure 1. Locked docbase

    The docbase Status (in the Properties view) changes to ReadyLocked.
    Note: When a docbase is locked, it is inaccessible for most commands.
  3. To unlock a docbase, right-click the docbase and select Unlock.
    The docbase icon changes to show that it is unlocked: and its Status (in the Properties view) changes to Ready.