Check out or check in a document

You can check out and check in a document.

Checking out a document opens it for your exclusive use, and prevents other users from accessing it. Checking out (also known as locking) is a prerequisite when you wish to open a document for modifications.

Checking in a document saves it to the docbase and releases the lock so that other users can open modify the document. (The File > Save command, by contrast, merely saves the file to your local file system.

Note: A document checked out by the procedure described below is not the same as a document that is the child of a locked repository or collection. In the former case, the "locked" document is checked out, and you can make changes to it; in the latter, the document is locked to all users—you cannot make changes to it until the parent repository or collection is unlocked.

To check out a document:

  1. Open the Administration Console and connect to the server and the docbase.
  2. Right-click the document and select Lock.
    The document icon changes to the lock icon locked object icon. The Properties view displays the lock information.
    Tip: If you don't see the lock information in the Properties view, click the collection name and then re-select the document name to refresh the view.
    Note: If the Properties view Lock Owner parameter is True, this means that the document was checked out at the document level. If Lock Owner = False, the document is locked at the collection level and cannot be modified until the collection is unlocked.
  3. Open the document and make changes to it if desired.
  4. To check in the document, right-click it and select Check-in.
    The document icon changes back to its default state.
  5. Close the document.
    The document Version Number in the Properties view is incremented.