Display document properties

Document properties are metadata that describe a document, such as name, date created, date modified, size in bytes, and so on.

Some notes about properties:

  • All system documents and user documents have properties.

  • Properties are automatically set by TEXTML Server when a document is added, replaced, or modified.

  • Properties are always indexed.

  • Some properties (such as Storage Type and Mime Type) are provided only for the use of your application.

To display document properties:

  1. Open TEXTML Server Administration Console and connect to a server and a docbase.
  2. Expand the docbase node and select the file name of the document whose properties you want to display.
    The document properties are displayed in the Properties view:
    Figure 1. Document properties view

    Tip: If you don't see the Properties view, select Window > Show view > Properties to open it.

    The table below describes the document properties.

    Table 1. Document properties
    Property Description Example
    Collection The collection to which the document belongs.
    <property NAME="Collection" TYPE="String">
    CreatedBy The username of the person who imported the document.
    <property NAME="CreatedBy" TYPE="String">
    CreationDate The date the document was imported into the docbase.
    <property NAME="CreationDate" TYPE="Date">
    CreationTime The time the document was imported into the docbase.
    <property NAME="CreationTime" TYPE="Time">
    DocType Whether the document is a user document or a system document (TEXTML_DOCUMENT or SYSTEM_DOCUMENT, respectively).
    <property NAME="DocType" TYPE="String">
    Indexable Boolean indicating whether indexing has been enabled for the document.
    <property NAME="Indexable" TYPE="String">
    LockComment Comment pertaining to the lock.
    <property NAME="LockComment" TYPE="String">
    LockedBy Username of the person who checked out the document.
    <property NAME="LockedBy" TYPE="String">
    LockedDate Date the document was checked out.
    <property NAME="LockedDate" TYPE="Date">
    LockedTime Time the document was checked out.
    <property NAME="LockedTime" TYPE="Time">
    LockOwner If true, the document was checked out directly; if false, it was checked out indirectly by checking out its parent collection.
    <property NAME="LockOwner" TYPE="String">
    MimeType A two-part identifier for file formats on the Internet, used by applications calling TEXTML Server. The default value, application/octet_stream, identifies files not associated with a specific application.
    <property NAME="MimeType" TYPE="String">
    ModificationDate Date the document was last saved.
    <property NAME="ModificationDate" TYPE="Date">
    ModificationTime Time the document was last saved.
    <property NAME="ModificationTime" TYPE="Time">
    ModifiedBy Username of the person that last modified the document.
    <property NAME="ModifiedBy" TYPE="String">
    Name The file name of the document.
    <property NAME="Name" TYPE="String">
    Size Size of the document, in bytes.
    <property NAME="Size" TYPE="Numeric">
    StorageType The document format in the docbase.
    <property NAME="StorageType" TYPE="String">
    Version Version number assigned by TEXTML Server.
    <property NAME="Version" TYPE="Numeric">
    PreviousVersionsCount Number of previous versions of the document.
    <property NAME="PreviousVersionsCount" TYPE="Numeric">
    Only available if TEXTML Server is configured with
    <IndexPreviousVersionsInfo>True </IndexPreviousVersionsInfo>
    PreviousVersionsSize Total size (in bytes) of the previous version.
    <property NAME="PreviousVersionsSize" TYPE="Numeric">
    Only available if TEXTML Server is configured with
    <IndexPreviousVersionsInfo>True </IndexPreviousVersionsInfo>