Display a document's indexed content

This procedure describes how to display a document's indexed content.

A document's indexed content is XML metadata that TEXTML Server uses to index documents that are typically not themselves in XML format (such as PDFs and graphics). The presence of indexed content makes documents that would not normally be searchable capable of appearing in search results lists. IXIASOFT's DITA CMS supports the creation of indexed content.

To open indexed content:

  1. Open the Administration Console and connect to the server and to the docbase.
  2. Expand the docbase to display its documents.
  3. Right-click a document and select Open Indexed Content.
    The indexed content for the selected document opens in your editor:
    Figure 1. Indexed content for an image

    Note: If you get an error: "No indexed content found for document filepath/name", no indexed content was created for the document you selected. You can create indexed content through the IXIASOFT DITA CMS application, or any other application that supports it.