Enable indexing of a document

Indexable documents can be scanned by the TEXTML Server search engine when indexing is performed and can subsequently appear in query results lists.

Documents can be made indexable when they are imported into a docbase, by selecting the Indexable option. To enable indexing for documents that were not made indexable during the import, or that were created after the initial docbase setup, proceed as described below.

To make a document indexable:
  1. Open the Administration Console and connect to the server and to the docbase.
  2. Unlock the docbase and repository containing the document, if they are locked.
    Note: Locked docbases and repositories are read-only, and documents within them cannot be modified.
  3. Right-click the document and select Make Indexable.
    The next time indexing is performed according to the automatic update parameters, the document will be scanned and its terms added to the index lists. Alternatively, you can initiate indexing manually. (See Perform a manual index update.)
  4. To disable indexing, right-click the indexable document's filename and select Indexable. The next time indexing is performed, the document will be ignored. Existing index entries pointing to the document be removed when the next deindexing update is performed.
  5. To verify that the document is unindexable, check the Documents to deindex parameter in the Properties view, and ensure that the number has been incremented.