Open a document in read-only mode

This procedure describes how to open a document in order to consult it.

Note: XML documents can be opened using the default editor. Users can open other document types by choosing one of the available editors.

To open a document:

  1. Open the Administration Console and connect to the server and to the docbase.
  2. Expand the docbase and the Repository to display the collections.
  3. Expand the collection for the document, and select the document.
  4. Do one of the following::
    • Double-click any document to open it in the default editor.
    • To select an editor, right-click the document, select Open With, and choose an editor from the list.
    The document opens in read-only mode:
    Figure 1. Open XML document

    Note: To open several documents at once, hold down CTRL or SHIFT and click the documents, then right-click and select Open or Open with.