Revert to a previous Administration Console version

If there is a problem with your Administration Console configuration that cannot be resolved, you can revert to a previous version.

Note: The Administration Console is also variously referred to as the TEXTML Administration Tool, the Java Console, and the TEXTML Tool.

To revert to a previous version:

  1. Click Help > About TEXTML Server Administration Tool.
    The About TEXTML Server Administration Tool window appears.
  2. Click Installation Details.
    The TEXTML Server Administration Tool Installation Details window appears.
  3. Click the Installation History tab.
    The Installation History pane appears.
    Figure 1. Installation History pane

  4. Under Previous configurations, select the TEXTML Server configuration version you wish to use.
  5. Click Revert.
    The Revert Software Configuration window appears.
    Figure 2. Revert to previous version warning

  6. Click Yes to proceed.
    The selected configuration is installed. When the installation is complete, you are prompted to restart:
    Figure 3. Restart prompt

  7. Click Yes to restart the Administration Console.