TEXTML Server daemon configuration

This section describes TEXTML Server daemon configuration.

The textmlserver4.conf file, located in /opt/ixiasoft/textmlserver/instance-name/, contains the parameters used to start TEXTML Server service when it runs as a daemon (that is, a computer program that runs in the background). Table 1 lists the parameters.

Table 1. TEXTML Server daemon configuration
Parameter Default value Description
coredump True If true, performs a memory dump if receiving a SIGSEGV (segmentation violation) or SIGBUS (bus error signal).
username textml Sets the identity of the daemon.
defaultworking directory



The directory for the TEXTML Server while it's running.



Absolute path where the TEXTML Server daemon process ID (PID) is stored.



Location of the TEXTML Server configuration file.
instancename [none] The unique name for the TEXTML Server instance.
Note: Any unrecognized value in this file will be ignored by the server.