Check out or check in a collection

You can check out or check in a collection.

Checking out a collection locks the collection and all its sub-collections and documents for the exclusive use of the current user. Other users accessing the same docbase simultaneously through other workstations will not be able to check out any documents in the collection until the user who checked them out performs a check-in on the collection. Note, however, that the person who checked-out the collection must still check-out individual documents in order to make changes to them.

To check-out a collection:

  1. Open the Administration Console and connect to the server and the docbase.
  2. Right-click the collection and select Lock.
    The collection icon changes to the lock icon locked object icon. The Properties view displays the lock information.
    Tip: If you don't see the lock information in the Properties view, click the Repository and then re-select the collection name to refresh the view.
    Note: If the Lock Owner parameter is True, this means that the collection was checked out at the collection level. If Lock Owner = False, the repository was locked first, causing the collection to be locked by association.
  3. Check-out and make changes to documents in the collection if desired.
  4. To check in the collection, right-click it and select Check-in.
    The collection icon changes back to its default state, and other users can once again access the documents in the collection.