Display dynamic properties for a repository or collection

Dynamic properties are properties that change to reflect modifications made to the docbase and other TEXTML Server entities.

To display dynamic properties for a repository or collection:
From the Administration Console, select the repository or collection whose properties you wish to view.
The properties are displayed in the Properties view:
Figure 1. Properties view for a repository

Tip: If you don't see the Properties view, select Window > Show view > Properties.
Tip: By default, properties and their categories (for example, Lock Information) are displayed. To hide categories, release the Show Categories button: .
The tables below provides details on the dynamic properties for a repository or collection.
Note: If the repository or collection is not locked, the lock parameters' Value fields will contain no data. For details on locking, see Lock or unlock a docbase.
Table 1. Lock Information parameters
Property Value
Lock Date Time Date and time that the repository or collection was locked.
Locked by The username of the user who locked the repository or collection.
Lock owner If True, the repository or collection is the "owner" (that is, the source) of the lock. For example, when a repository is locked, all collections under it are automatically locked as well. Thus, for the repository in this example, lock owner=true; whereas for its child collections, lock owner=false. By contrast, if a collection is locked directly without first locking the repository, the collection is the lock owner.
Table 2. System parameters
Property Value
# of collections For a repository, the number of collections within it; for a collection, the number of sub-collections within it.
# of documents For a repository: the number of documents in the collections and sub-collections within the repository. For a collection: the number of documents within the collection and all its sub-collections.
Collection path The path for the collection, relative to the repository.

In the case of the repository this parameter will display a slash (/) to indicate that it is the root directory.