Export a collection

Exporting a collection copies all the documents in the selected collection to a location outside the docbase. The operation includes all child folders (sub-collections).

If you export the repository, all subfolders of the repository are exported.

To export a collection:

  1. Right-click the collection and select Export...
    The Browse for Folder dialog appears.
  2. Browse to the destination directory for the collection.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • If you already have a directory in place for exported files, go to Step 5.
    • If this is the first time you are exporting a collection, go to Step 4.
  4. Make a directory for the collection, as follows:
    1. Click the Make New Folder button.
      A space for a new folder opens up.
    2. Enter a name for the exports directory and press Enter.
  5. Select the directory that will be hold the collection:
    Figure 1. Exporting a collection

  6. Ensure that the folder name appears beside Folder, and click OK.
    The export is initiated, and the collection is saved under the directory you selected in Step 5.
  7. In your file system, navigate to the exports directory and open it to make sure that the collection is there.