Search documents by filename

Use this function to locate a document when you know all or part of its filename or to browse all documents in a repository.

To search documents by filename:

  1. From the Administration Console, right-click the repository or a collection and select Search for this collection's content.
    The TEXTML Search Results view appears, listing all the documents in the selected repository or collection:
    Figure 1. Browsing a repository

    If the list contains approximately 95 documents or more, additional pages will be created to display them.
  2. To browse the results list, click the arrow buttons or enter a page number beside Go to page.
  3. To filter the results list, enter a full or partial filename under Results and press Enter.
    The documents list is filtered by the string you entered and the results are displayed:
    Figure 2. Searching collection filenames

    Note: Do not use wildcard characters (*) in your filter strings, as they are not required and will be interpreted literally.