Indexed values queries are used to retrieve lists of indexed values—that is, all or part of a specified docbase dictionary.

By contrast, document queries retrieve user or system documents. Indexed values queries allow docbase administrators to systematically evaluate the contents of the dictionaries, and to tweak their Index Definition document if necessary.

TEXTML Server SDK component provides three sample indexed values queries, as follows:
  1. The GetAllIndexedValuesForOneIndex.xml sample is used to retrieve the entire contents of a selected dictionary.
  2. The GetIndexedValuesWithinARange.xml sample is used to retrieve a range of values for a selected dictionary.
  3. The GetAllWordsInFulltextIndex.xml sample is used to retrieve all terms in the "FullText" dictionary.
Note: The SampleSearchIndexQuery.xml sample, if present in your build, is identical to the GetIndexedValuesWithinARange.xml sample.

Sample indexed values queries are located in:

  • %ProgramFiles%\IxiaSoft\TextmlServernn\SDK\Queries
Note: In Microsoft Windows 7, indexed values queries are stored in: c:\Users\username\TextmlAdminWorkspace\TextmlAdmin\servername\docbasedirectory\Indexed Value Queries