Retrieve a range of values from a dictionary

This procedure describes how to create and run a query to retrieve a range of values for a date, time or numeric dictionary.

Before attempting this procedure, ensure that you have:
  • Installed an indexable docbase.
  • Created an Index Definition document with the index definition you want to retrieve.
  • Performed an indexing update on your docbase.

To create and run a ranged values query for a specific dictionary:

  1. Log in to the TEXTML Server Administration Console.
  2. Expand the docbase.
  3. Right-click Indexed Value Queries and select New Query>Search Index Query.
  4. Beside New query name, enter a name for the query and press OK.
    Figure 1. Range of values query

    The new query appears under the Indexed Value Queries folder.
  5. Using a text editor such as Notepad, open the GetIndexedValuesWithinARange.xml sample located in: %ProgramFiles%\IxiaSoft\TextmlServernn\SDK\Queries.
  6. Copy the query text.
  7. Double-click the new query to open it, and paste the sample query into the workspace:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
    <!-- GetIndexed ValuesWithinARange.xml -->
    <query VERSION="4.1">
        <key NAME="Date">
                <start INCLUSIVE="True">
                <end INCLUSIVE="True">
  8. If desired, replace the sample key NAME value with the name of the date, time or numeric dictionary that you want to search.
    	<key NAME="Date">
  9. Modify the interval attribute values to indicate the range you want to search.
    Note: Refer to SEARCH_INDEX.DTD for accepted elements and attributes.
  10. Save the query.
  11. Right-click the query and select Run.
    The TEXTML Index Values tab displays all values in the specified range within the selected dictionary.
    Figure 2. Indexed values for the "Dates" dictionary