Display server statistics

This function displays a summary of the user connections and resultspaces on the selected server.

To get server statistics:

  1. Open the TEXTML Server Administration Console.
  2. Connect to the server whose statistics you wish to view.
  3. Right-click the server node and select Get Server Statistics.
    The server statistics page appears.
    Figure 1. Server Statistics

  4. Click on any shaded text field to expand them for further information.
    The first four statistics are as follows:
    Total number of sessions: The number of users currently connected to the server.
    Total number of result spaces: The number of sets of results in random-access memory (RAM) from queries that have been run on the server.
    Total number of documents in all result spaces: The number of documents in the above resultspaces.
    Total memory used by all result spaces in bytes: The amount of RAM used by the above resultspaces.
  5. If desired, repeat from Step 2 to open statistics pages for additional servers.