About TEXTML Server configuration

TEXTML Server configuration is stored in a file called TexmlServerCfg.xml.

This file can be found in the following location:
For example:
Note: Configuration values are case-sensitive and must therefore be consistent with the casing shown in the tables that follow. The exception is file paths, which for Windows can be entered using either upper- or lower-case characters.
There are two types of configuration parameter values:
  • Dynamic values correspond to parameters that are updated in real time by the system whenever TEXTML Server users make changes to their docbase or servers (for example, "Number of document bases"). These values do not appear in the configuration file, but they can be viewed through the TEXTML Server Administration Console.
  • Static values correspond to parameters found in the configuration file. These values, described in the following topics, are controlled by users. Users must stop and restart TEXTML Server to apply changes to the TEXTML Server system.
TEXTML Server configuration can be modified in three ways:
  • By modifying the configuration file directly. It is recommended that you make a backup copy of the configuration file before modifying the default values.
  • Through the API call that sets the server properties.
  • Through the TEXTML Server Administration Console (applies to certain parameters only, as described in this chapter).