About TEXTML Server logs

TEXTML Server provides logs that you can use to maintain and troubleshoot a TEXTML Server deployment.

The TEXTML Server logs are listed below.

Table 1. TEXTML Server logs
Log type Description
API log calls

Logs relating to API calls between TEXTML Server and other applications, including the Administration Console.

These logs provide essential information on API calls such as how long a call took to execute, the function that was executed, the docbase used, the name of the user who initiated the call, and so on. You can use this information to troubleshoot your application.

By default, API call logs are disabled (through the configuration file) since they can grow to require considerable memory.

Name and location

Configurable. Default value is:


TEXTML Server instance transaction log Logs relating to docbase transactions for each specific TEXTML Server instance.

Name and location

Configurable. Default value is:


Workspace log Transactions and errors relating to Administration Console operations.

Name and location

In Windows: Displayed in the Administration Console workspace.