SSL parameters

The parameters in the <SSL> element of the configuration file control whether secure socket layer (SSL) encryption is used for client-server communication, and if so, the paths used.

For more information on the TEXTML Server 4.3 SSL feature, see the TEXTML Server Installation Guide.

Table 1. SSL parameters
Parameter name Default value Description
UseSSL False Determines whether client-server transactions are encrypted.
SSLPort 2551 If UseSSL is True, determines the port used.
UseSSLOnly True If UseSSL is True, this parameter may be set to False to give users the option of using another protocol as well. If UseSSL is False, the UseSSLOnly value is ignored.
CertificatePath ./ The path to the security certificate for the TEXTML Server server.
PrivateKeyPath ./ The path to the private key.
ClientCertificatePath Certificates The path to the security certificate for the client server.