Checking TEXTML Server performance statistics

TEXTML Server provides statistics that allow you to monitor the performance of the system.

You can use this information to identify and prevent potential issues before they occur or to troubleshoot performance problems.
Note: The HeartBeatFrequency parameter must be enabled before you can get performance statistics. This parameter is disabled by default. See the Server parameters section for more information.
When heartbeat frequency is enabled, the following information is provided in the TEXTML logs:
<Date>|HeartBeat. Process memory: <value>, ResultSpace memory: <value>, Cache memory: <value> 
Field Description
<Date> Date and time that the heartbeat was recorded.
Process memory: <value> Memory (in bytes) used by the TEXTML Server process.
ResultSpace memory: <value> Memory (in bytes) used by all the ResultSpaces.
Cache memory: <value> Memory (in bytes) of the cache for all the docbases.
For example:
 Wed Sep 19 2012 13:58:53.103000|HeartBeat. Process memory: 113803264, ResultSpace memory: 0, Cache memory: 23421696