Other DocumentBaseProperties configuration parameters

This section describes the <DocumentBaseProperties> elements that do not fall into any of the sub-categories used previously.

Table 1. Miscellaneous docbase parameters
Parameter name Default value Description
SyncEnable True If True, TEXTML Server updates document property indexes synchronously when setdocuments() is called.

If False, property indexes are updated later along with the rest of the indexes.

ProfileIndexation False If True, generates indexing statistics which can then be analyzed by IXIASOFT Customer Support.
TraceIndexOperations False If True, used to trace and measure the performance of the indexing process in the TEXTML Server. It should not be changed without the express consent of IXIASOFT customer support.
UseUTCTime False

If True, properties indexes are automatically updated to use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The indexes influenced by this parameter are: modificationtime, modificationdate, creationtime, and creationdate.

AllowScanForFullText True If True, full-text indexing is carried out by scanning the words in the dictionaries and comparing them to the document content, adding and/or updating words as they are found; if False, the reverse occurs. If the content of the dictionaries is significantly larger than the document corpus, and indexing is problematically slow, changing this parameter might improve performance.
BulkMode False If True, facilitates extremely large docbase updates. This parameter can be set to True temporarily in exceptional circumstances, such as when a docbase is populated or indexed for the first time.
IndexPreviousVersionsInfo True If True, the number and total size of previous versions of documents are indexed. This allows these indexes (previousversionscount and previousversionstotalsize) to be available for searching but may cause performance issues for larger docbases. If you do not need these indexes, set this parameter to False.
Preload None Specifies the components of a docbase that should be preloaded in memory when TEXTML Server is started. Valid values are:
  • None: Do not preload any component.
  • Indexes: Preload indexes. This setting will increase the performance of all operations that are dependent on indexes such as the indexing process, search, get documents data, etc.
  • Store: Preload all the documents in the repository collection. This setting will increase the performance of all document operations, such as get documents data.
  • All: Preload indexes and store.