Creating/installing a document base

How to create a new (and empty) document base on a specified server.

You must be logged in to a specified TEXTML Server instance.

When you create (install) a new document base, you must specify:

  • The name of the new docbase.
  • The server name of the instance.
  • The path on the server where the docbase will be stored

The new docbase automatically inherits the server’s security, update, automated recovery, and version control settings. You can change these default settings for specific docbase settings later on.

To create a document base:

  1. Connect to a specified TEXTML Server instance, and get the IxiaServerServices object.
    You created the ClientServices object in order to login to the server.
    // serverName is a String object
    IxiaServerServices ss = cs.ConnectServer(serverName);

    Getting a ServerServices object is the first step to either managing the server (e.g., installing and uninstalling document bases), or to connecting to a specified docbase.

  2. Get the server’s ServerAdminServices object from your ServerServices object.
    IxiaServerAdminServices sas = ss.AdminServices();

    Server Administration Services include getting/setting a server's properties, getting statistics, and installing/uninstalling docbases.

  3. Create the document base by calling the InstallDocBase() method of the IxiaServerAdminServices object.

    You must specify a name for the new docbase, as well as the path on the file system where TEXTML will install the files required by the docbase.

    • path should be a new or empty directory on the same computer that runs the TEXTML Server instance.
    • docbasename is a name used internally by TEXTML Server; it is not the name of a file or folder in path
    // The parameters are both String objects
    sas.InstallDocBase(docBaseName, path);
  4. Connect to the specified document base by calling the ConnectDocBase() method of the IxiaServerServices object.
    // The parameter is a String
    IxiaDocBaseServices docbase = ss.ConnectDocBase(docBaseName);

    This call returns a DocBaseServices object, which allows operations on the document base and its contents.


    The document base was created in the prior step. For completeness, we are also showing you how to connect to a document base..

    In this documentation, many topics that include code snippets start from this point:

    • Your application (represented by ClientServices cs)...
    • ... is logged in to a server (IxiaServerServices ss)...
    • ... and connected to a docbase (IxiaDocBaseServices docbase).

You can build and run this working sample program: