Quick Start: Scripts and sample programs

To help programmers get off to a quick start, TEXTML SDK includes scripts and many samples.

  • runBuildDocbase.bat: Uses sample programs to create a sample document base and to populate it with sample documents (which are news stories). We call this document base the sample news document base or simply SampleNewsDocbase.
  • runSearches.bat: Uses sample programs to run sample queries against SampleNewsDocbase and to display the results.

In our explanations and examples, we refer frequently to SampleNewsDocbase, the sample programs, and the sample queries. The samples and the scripts are included in the TEXTML Server distribution for all supported development platforms.

Note: The sample programs run on all platforms, but the scripts run only on Windows.

Scripts and samples

Scripts and sample programs

Sample programs in C# (for .NET) are provided for the most common use cases. The scripts use some of these sample programs.

Location: [...]\IxiaSoft\TextmlServernn\Sdk\dotnet\

Sample documents

The news stories for SampleNewsDocbase.

Location: [...]\IxiaSoft\TextmlServernn\Sdk\Documents.

Sample queries

Queries designed to work with SampleNewsDocbase.

Location: [...]\IxiaSoft\TextmlServernn\Sdk\Queries.


A file that defines the indexes for SampleNewsDocbase.

Location: [...]\IxiaSoft\TextmlServernn\Sdk\indexdefinition.xml.